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What it takes to be a World Champion.

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What it takes to be a World Champion.

What it takes to be a world champion


Practicing martial arts has its roots in philosophy, culture, and tradition. Martial arts teaches discipline, respect, focus, and self-defense. Most people begin practicing martial arts for many different reason it can be fitness,self-defense focus, discipline but some people decide to get into competition and discover that they want to compete and  win a world title, as a black belt.

Whatever reason you choose to enroll your child in martial arts lessons, you should understand what it takes for them to be a world champion. Individuals who want to succeed in martial arts need specific characteristics like discipline, passion, confidence, humility, optimism, an open mind, and versatility.

These characteristics can be inborn, or you can cultivate them through mental training. You can realize if your child has these characteristics by studying them; This is huge factor in them having a opportunity to become a world martial arts champions. However, you can still teach them if they don't have some of the characteristics but they will need to learn them on the way to become a World Champion.


What does it take to be a world kids martial arts champion?


Various factors may affect your kid's chances of becoming a martial arts champion. Ensuring you meet most (if not all) of these conditions will improve your kid's chances of becoming a world champion in various martial arts disciplines, in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is the only one have experience in coaching a World Champion but im sure it similar in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or even Gymnastics.


Invest in training


Investing in the correct high-quality training for your child can in your child will need to be in advanced classes and need private lessons to hone their skills. However, This will improve your kid's training experience and increase their skill level.


Encourage your child

Parent involvement and encouragement for your child, is also a key factor. You should encourage them to keep going and help them work on their weaknesses. Your child is going to lose, get frustrated be tired all of these challenges are going to happen along the way and they will need support and accountability partner to help them learn to overcome setbacks and  stay focused  Also, you should choose a good instructor  who will also help your child with these things remember becoming a Champion take both mental and physical training.  


Help your kid set goals.


You should guide your child when setting goals by helping them understand the journey. You shouldn't force the idea of becoming a champion on them. Instead, let them come to that conclusion by themselves. This will be easier if they are passionate about martial arts since they'd want to become the best.


Give them healthy meals.


You should provide your child with healthy meals that nourish the body. Help them understand why nutritious food is important and why they must eat healthy meals for optimal body performance. Additionally, you should ensure they stay hydrated when doing physical activities.


Help them stay committed.


You should help your child stay committed to their martial arts classes. They shouldn't skip out on training unless they feel unwell since the training hours reflect during competitions. They'll have to work hard, learn challenging skills, and refine their talent to help them compete in high-level tournaments.


Sparring sessions

Your child should be involved in sparring sessions that are competitive but safe and build skills, boost their reaction time and improve attacking and countering . Sparring is also vital for your kid if you plan on enrolling them in tournaments. It improves coordination and martial arts intelligence (fight IQ)  and helps you defend against various moves.


Final thoughts


You should enroll your child in regular tournaments to improve their skills. Exposing your child to such high-pressure situations builds their skills and makes them more comfortable with competing. It'll help them discover whether they like martial arts and encourage them to become more committed.


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